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OC Bio: Andrew Hazumashi
"I fight so that the injustices done to me can never happen again. Never to anyone else. I fight for the people that have shown me the love I had lost as a child. I fight...because I must. And I will not stop until my work is done." - To Asuna
Name: Andrew Hazumashi
Gender: Male
Race: Demi-Dragon (Half human, half dragon)
Age: 24
Alias: Death Wave
        The Water Samurai
        The Waves of the West
         Experiment 45 
Eye Color: Hazel
                Blue (Dragon Force)
Hair Color: Dark blue
Date of birth: January 9
Occupation: Official Mage
Team: N/A
Affiliation: N/A
Guild Mark Color: N/A
Guild Mark Location: N/A
Status: Active
Relative: Unnamend parents (Deceased)
Magic: Water Dragon Slayer Magic (4th Generation)
          Sword Magic
Japanese Voice Actor: N/A
English Voice Actor: N/A
:iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 0 0
For Glory: Lucas Blackwood - Knights Chapter 3
Chapter 3 - The 7 Day Siege
On the outside of the fort Lucas and Damain had taken back, a lone Viking atop a white horse looked on with interest at Lucas's success. Impressed, he smiled and said to himself, "Not bad, Lucas. Not bad." Without another word, he turns his horse and rode off before he was spotted. 
An hour later and already the mess from the battle was being cleaned up. Countless Viking AI corpses were thrown to the pile while in the courtyard, a man dressed as an executioner was doing just that. A handful of Viking players were captured and now being executed. With this, they would be sent back to Valkenhime, which the nearest village there was many miles away. Too far for them to get back into the fight. Alice and Lucas stood atop the wall, looking on as it was being done. "Seems a little unfair if you ask me." Lucas said as they watched. Alice didn't say anything. Her back was resting against the wall, leaning against it as she looked up to the sky.
:iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 0 2
For Glory: Lucas Blackwood - Knights Chapter 2
Chapter 2 - The Battle of Saratosh
Eric and Alice hiked for what seemed to be quite a while before the two wardens finally reached it. The Dragon Legion's military camp, mere miles away from the base of the great volcano of Ashfeld. Beyond that camp was a former stronghold of the Knights, now in Viking hands. Very soon, that would change. 
I doubt I'll ever forget that moment before the battle. Meeting with Damian for the first time. Mathew claimed he had a few run-ins with him, once during the Second Dragon Charge that took place in the Myre that nearly broke into the main city of the Samurai. Meeting him that day showed me that the rumors about him were not at all exaggerated.
The camp was small as it was occupied by a small force. At the head of it was Damian's tent. Alice and Lucas walked their way toward it and pushed past the tent flap to see him. "What's up, dragon boy?" Alice asked her boyfriend, which got one hell of a respons that
:iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 0 6
For Glory: Lucas Blackwood - Knights Chapter 1
Chapter 1 - My Glory

Glory. What was glorious to me? What kind of action brought me or anyone else glory. When this new VR game came out, I thought I could find out for myself. For Glory. Yeah. But what exactly is glory? 
Ashfeld. A promising, beautiful landscape with many, beautiful fields, plains, and mountains along with many castles and ruins dotting the landscape. This was the realm of the Knights, noble, armored warriors who dedicated themselves to defending the weak, the innocent, and the unable from their two sworn enemies: The calm and collected Samurai of the Myre to the east and the brutal and savage Vikings of Valkenhime to the north.
Lucas Blackwood, the youngest of the Blackwood brothers, was one of these noble fighters. Two years from now, Future Trunks of the Dragon Ball franchise would wish upon Shenron for a powerful warrior that could defend time itself. He would get Lucas, indirectly turning him into an Arcosan,
:iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 0 6
For Glory - Prolouge
For Honor. Released in Feburary of 2017. Later it would eventually be expanded into a new, exciting VR game, For Glory. Lucas, Eric, and Mathew. Before these brothers were taken into their own new lives, they were well known in this VR world. What they left behind will be remembered by all. It is in these days before their lives were changed, they made an impact in this online community. 
Knights, Vikings, and Samurai. These three factions were the online things that split these brothers. And here in this work, they live, fight, and become famous in their own right. Through battles, skirmishes, sieges, duels, brawls, civil war, and so much more, these brothers each have stories to tell. It all starts with who you believe fights for the right cause.
:iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 0 0
Eric the Frozen Devil: The Vortex Arc Chapter 4
Chapter 4 - Vortex
"Bad Kitty Restraint Tube!" Millianna yelled, using her magic tubes to blast a few wizards. 
"Heaven's Wheel: Scatter Petals!" Erza yelled while in her well known Heaven's Wheel armor, launching many swords to add to the damage, blasting many other soldiers. 
"Archenemy: Slash Form!" Kagura yelled as she practically flew past many other, quickly slashing them all with her katana. 
The battle the three women had gotten into had taken itself inside the ruins of the town hall. Despite not being weakened by the enemy attacks and taking out a lot, their numbers seem just about endless to them. "There's no end to them." Erza grunted, standing back-to-back with Kagura. "How could this many wizards take shelter here without being noticed sooner?" Kagura questioned, her blade still ready for combat.
The three were surrounded. Back to back they all stood as the masked men and women kept them on the defensive. "Our orders are clear. Anyone who en
:iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 4 9
Eric the Frozen Devil: For Glory Arc Prolouge
For Honor. A popular game that was expanded into something far bigger. In Eric's time, it was expanded into something larger. A VR game where people played as Knights, Samuria, or Vikings to win honor and glory for their factions. This VR experience was known as "For Glory". It was in this game that Eric was a legend in his own right. He was the chieftain of his own Viking clan, the Great Wolf Clan. And he was known as Wolf Fang Eric, master of weapons and honorable to death, he was credit to his people.
but then came that day....where he was forced to say goodbye to his world....and his friends as well. 
~~Fort Hawldwin, the main fortress of the Great Wolf Clan~~
A large, Viking fortress built and strengthened by the hard work and strength of Eric and his friends. It was a large mideval looking castle atop a large hill at the side of an even larger mountain. A large, outer wall circled around an even bigger one with many towers and structures it. The lar
:iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 0 0
Eric the Frozen Devil: Pain of Revenge - Epilogue
The last thing Eric knew was he went mad with rage and mutalated Kyôka...but it was not real. Eric found himself opening his eyes again and found himself in his bedroom. He sat up in his bed faster then a gunshot, fearful of what he just went through. He formed a curved ice knife in his right hand out of impulse as he held his chest, fearful about what was happening. As the young man panted in fear he calmed himself down, realizing it was only a dream. "What the fuck was that?" He thought as the dagger shattered and disappeared. 
Upon realizing he was still in his room, he assessed his situation. He looked to himself and found himself only in his boxers and his markings were back to their usual color. He then felt another presence in his bed. Looking to his right, Eric found a very beautiful, reassuring sight. Next to him was a sleeping Erza Scarlet, also in her undergarments, and sleeping soundly next to him with her hands around him. She was deep in sleep and smiling happil
:iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 3 11
Eric the Frozen Devil: The Vortex Arc Chapter 3
Chapter 3 - Eric vs Veronica
Eric started things off by rushing the woman head on. He gathered ice into his fist and moved at an alarming speed in an attempt to punch her with his ice fist. However, Veronica quickly dodged, grabbed his arm and flipped his whole body over her knee, sending the ice wizard to the ground. "Nice try!" She said before threatening to curb stomp him, but Eric opening his mouth and fired a blast of ice magic at her face, causing her be sent back. "Urgh! Damn that hurt." She said, wiping the ice off her face. 
Eric, quickly spun his body around and he jumped back up in a fighting stance. Gathering more ice into his right fist, he punch it into the ground. "Frozen Crasher!" He yelled, causing large ice shards to rise from it, heading towards Veronica. Said woman raised her hands up in a defensive way, shielding her face as the ice colided into her, causing it to break in a rather large explosion. Eric stood tall, still in a fighting stance,
:iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 1 11
Super Saiyan Dakon by The-Nethral-King Super Saiyan Dakon :iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 5 3 Makankosappo!!! by The-Nethral-King Makankosappo!!! :iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 4 0 I Won't Back Down! by The-Nethral-King I Won't Back Down! :iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 6 3 Saiyan Warrior, Dakon by The-Nethral-King Saiyan Warrior, Dakon :iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 2 6 Who Do You Ship Me With Meme by The-Nethral-King Who Do You Ship Me With Meme :iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 2 34 Majin Warrior, Lizzy by The-Nethral-King Majin Warrior, Lizzy :iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 3 1 Golden Lucas by The-Nethral-King Golden Lucas :iconthe-nethral-king:The-Nethral-King 1 4


[PKMGJ] Ryuka : Bio by MiuStar01 [PKMGJ] Ryuka : Bio :iconmiustar01:MiuStar01 16 4 ETA: 2 Minutes by Fire-Fox-America ETA: 2 Minutes :iconfire-fox-america:Fire-Fox-America 15 10 [FT OC - O.C] He's gone without me by Haanaru [FT OC - O.C] He's gone without me :iconhaanaru:Haanaru 40 13 Yukino Aguria (School Swimsuit) by HKYaichi Yukino Aguria (School Swimsuit) :iconhkyaichi:HKYaichi 109 5 Fairy Girls: Erza Scarlet by retardedMonk Fairy Girls: Erza Scarlet :iconretardedmonk:retardedMonk 173 6 Miia bound by Movi-Viento Miia bound :iconmovi-viento:Movi-Viento 240 1 Steins Gate tickles by Bad-Pierrot Steins Gate tickles :iconbad-pierrot:Bad-Pierrot 512 31 Na'Ima by AngelicPaladin Na'Ima :iconangelicpaladin:AngelicPaladin 11 26 The Castle Of The Thousand Laughs by pirata3
Mature content
The Castle Of The Thousand Laughs :iconpirata3:pirata3 272 13
FT OC| New stamp Kito Banaki by Yuhichu FT OC| New stamp Kito Banaki :iconyuhichu:Yuhichu 11 1 FT OC| New stamp Kito Banaki II by Yuhichu FT OC| New stamp Kito Banaki II :iconyuhichu:Yuhichu 13 2 FT OC| New stamp Mizura Hitsuke by Yuhichu FT OC| New stamp Mizura Hitsuke :iconyuhichu:Yuhichu 13 1 FT OC| New stamp Mizura Hitsuke II by Yuhichu FT OC| New stamp Mizura Hitsuke II :iconyuhichu:Yuhichu 12 2 FT OC| New stamp NaMi by Yuhichu FT OC| New stamp NaMi :iconyuhichu:Yuhichu 14 0 FT OC| New stamp NaMi II by Yuhichu FT OC| New stamp NaMi II :iconyuhichu:Yuhichu 13 1 Leafa (Render) by Namyle Leafa (Render) :iconnamyle:Namyle 53 5


So my Birthday is coming up next week on the 29th ^^
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Passing Over the Torch

Journal Entry: Wed May 3, 2017, 5:43 AM

I'm a Bleach fan now, so yeah. I'm using this skin. 

So my Italian scrub, :iconbilly-cash: tagged me with this tag…

So I'm basically suppose to write about the kids of my pairing, I guess. Which isn't too difficult. 

1.) If you're tagged, copy the rules (Fuck you for that, it's such a pain -_-)
2.) Name a few ships and whether they have their own kin. If they do, provide a little info. If not, that's fine.
3.) Tag at least 5 other artists (Which is a rule no one really cares about but hey, it's there so whatever :/)
4.) Provide at least one or two children (if possible) and a picture (if possible)
5.) If you want, you can ask for a specific one. Your choice.

Eric X Erza:
Akame Wolf/Blackwood (yeah I'm not too sure about that since Eric's last name technically is Blackwood but he changed it to Wolf when he became a wizard. It's really up to what you decide since I can't :/) (No picture available)

Akame is the first child to Eric and Erza and the more troublesome of their two kids. She has long red hair and equally red eyes, thus supporting Eric's decision on naming her Akame (which means "red eyes"). She also has red and white wolf ears as well as an equally red wolf tail all on account of her father being a Nethral, however, she doesn't have any markings on her body. She uses Storm Magic, but due to the Nethral blood she inherited from her father and the immense magic power she got from her mother, she doesn't require a magical object to access the magic and she is very talented with it. She wields a sword that she can use to channel her magic through for some powerful Sword Magic spells. Finally, when she's powered up to her maximum, red markings do appear on her body on account of the great amount of magic power flowing through her body.

Magic aside, she's said to be very much like her parents. She has a witty and sarcastic attitude similar to her father, but when she gets angry, some say she has the same horrifying glare as her mother. However, regardless of that, she's been known to fool around a lot, getting into trouble by pulling pranks and jokes on people, much to her parents' dismay. Despite the bond they share, she holds a slight resentment for her father due to the world he comes from. She enjoys training and fighting as well as eating, drinking, swimming, fishing with her uncle Natsu and Happy, hanging out with her friends, and meditating on occasion.

Mason Wolf/Blackwood (No picture available)

Mason is the second child to Eric and Erza. He has black hair with green eyes. Like his elder sister, he has wolf ears and a wolf tail on account of his father, but the fur on his tail and ears is black and white. He uses the Great Tree Arc magic and also has an understanding of White Magic. Much like his sister, the combination of Eric's Nethral Blood and Erza's immense magic power, Mason is very talented and very powerful with his magic. 

Unlike his sister, who's more wild and troublesome, Mason is more passive and timid. He always hates it when his sister gets in trouble and hates it even more when she drags him along and goes as far as to pin the blame on him. However, despite his rather timid nature, he is equally adventurous and loves being apart of Fairy Tail as much as Akame does. He enjoys going fishing and swimming with Akame and their parents. As well as hanging out with friends, training and fighting, but he has a deeper enjoyment in meditating than Akame. He also loves long walks in the woods and enjoys being around all the animals. Unlike Akame, he has a deeper respect for their father and is actually interested and fascinated by the world eh came from. He enjoys watching his parents fight, seeing them as his role model wizards.

Now for my tags (:< :


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So my Birthday is coming up next week on the 29th ^^ 

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